Human Fiction Tartini

‘Human Fiction Tartini’ is three words put together in a drive to affect our experience of making art and performing culture.

It is our belief that we have entered an era of history that is no longer propelled solely by science and technology. Science Fiction has blurred its boundaries with Human Fiction - an era to be defined by the immanent manipulation of our very bodies, as well as an era defined more than ever by our individual actions as consumers.

Fiction is not dishonest fabrication, but the potential to tell stories in a way that creates a culture that is meaningful through all the overlaps of what it means to be Human. Existing like a collective hologram of our endeavors, this massing of fictions resonates as a combination of all our individual frequencies and creates a tone of open experimentation without fear of failure or limit of genre.

Mika Hayashi Ebbesen & Chris Wood / 01 July 2012