Walking on Slow Scree

A multi-channel soundscape performance built from field recordings made in Banff and Yoho National Parks in the Canadian Rockies. It plays with the musicality of natural sounds and the role of the role of the recordist in activating the natural soundspace. Many of the recording locations were extremely quiet, with very little human activity and few birds and animals. In this context the recordist becomes the source of many of the sounds. (S)He is a musician acting on the materials of stone, wood and water. Back in the studio, the compositional process becomes an extension of this performance.

Walking on Slow Scree was originally performed at The Banff Centre, Canada in December 2012 and re-performed at the Symposium on Acoustic Ecology at the University of Kent, UK in November 2013. It is recorded binaurally, listen back on headphones for a sense of the space created by the speaker arrangement.