Oscillating Cities

Oscillating Cities was a workshop conducted at Sonar +D Barcelona June 2015. It was developed at iMal Brussels in June 2014.

Soundscape composition allows us to capture, edit and represent the sounds within a city and the stories they tell. In this workshop we will take the same practice and use radio to edit and compose a soundscape by moving through the urban space.

Oscillating cities is a workshop for general audience and will see Raspberry Pi interfaces (single-board computer) converted into short range FM transmitters.

Participants will use the interface to broadcast field recordings made around the Sónar site. The final outcome will be a collaborative performance using a collection of FM radio recordings tuned and retuned by the participants. The local FM spectrum will be filled with a collection of field recordings as well as the local radio curated by the participants.

The concept for this workshop was developed as part of the Connecting Cities event at iMal, Brussels